California Flush With Cash But Bill Limits May Dampen Progress

May brought a rush of activity for cannabis policy in Sacramento. The Administration published its May revision of the Governor’s Proposed Budget, the state Cannabis Advisory Committee met several times, and the Appropriations Committees in both houses of the Legislature held their notorious suspense hearings, during which several bills were killed or forced to be […]

Legislative Update: Wins and Losses as First House Deadline Approaches

The end of April marks the deadline for policy committees to hear all legislation identified as having a fiscal impact on the state (which includes most bills). If bills are not heard by then, they are automatically turned into two-year bills and are stuck in their existing location until next year. With the Legislature forced […]

The Benefits of Market Expansion Through SB 398

For years, cannabis advocates, entrepreneurs, and legislators have worked, with limited success, to expand the regulated market in California. Most legislative proposals have taken a forceful approach with local jurisdictions, mandating cities and counties to regulate based on various factors, such as how their constituency voted on Proposition 64. These tactics resulted in strong pushback […]

New Year, Old Battles: California’s Latest Cannabis Legislation

With the COVID-19 pandemic throwing a wrench in their plans for cannabis policy last year, lawmakers and state regulators are pushing for big changes in 2021. The Newsom Administration is working towards a consolidation of the three licensing authorities (see the latest analysis by the Legislative Analyst’s Office here). At the same time, legislators continue […]

Two Important Pieces of CA Legislation Explained: CDFA’s Appellations Program and BCC’s Rules for Denial of Licensure Based on Prior Convictions

In response to their statutory mandates, California cannabis regulators have worked this year on draft regulations for the cannabis appellations program and implementation of AB 2138 (Chiu) regarding the rules for denial of licensure based on prior convictions. Under SB 67, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) must finalize their standards on the appellations of […]

Newsom Decides on 2020 Cannabis Bills

Regardless of how tumultuous a year is, statutory deadlines remain the same, and thus we have reached the end of another legislative session. Governor Newsom delayed publishing decisions on most bills this year due to the wildfires throughout the state but has finally issued approvals or vetoes to all pending legislation. Most 2020 cannabis legislation […]

California Allows Proxy Voting as End of Session Looms Amidst Pandemic

With multiple legislators contracting COVID-19, the Legislature recently confirmed that some voting will be done remotely in the next month. The new rule was crafted to make sure some legislation is passed before the constitutional deadline of August 31 for the 2019-20 two-year legislative session. If bills are not passed by both houses by that […]

Restructuring Tax Systems and Budgets in light of Covid-19 and BLM

On June 15, 2020, California legislators passed their version of the 2020 state budget. It differs from the Governor’s May Revision, which assumes that multiple programs will be cut unless the federal government provides $14 billion in financial support. The Legislature’s budget supports their “Invest. Don’t cut.” strategy, arguing that severe cuts to programs that […]

Fiscal Relief for California Cannabusinesses: Possibility or Pipe Dream?

While most of California is still sheltering in place, the state Assembly and Senate are set to go back to work on May 4 and 11, respectively, to hold committee hearings and try to pass the state budget by June 15. Surprising no one, the fiscal outlook for this year is not pretty. While California […]