Trailer Bill Tackles Illicit Market, Boosts Organic and Equity Programs

Trailer bills, or legislation that helps implement the budget, are yet another vehicle for shaping the rules governing California’s evolving cannabis industry. AB 97, this year’s cannabis trailer bill, was approved by the Governor on July 1, fast-tracking a slew of policy changes and programs for cannabis businesses. New qualifications for provisional licenses will arguably have the greatest reach, […]

Provisional Licensing Changes: Reduced Barriers or New Challenges?

California recently passed a $215 billion budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year. Not only did this afford the Legislature the opportunity to move around monies to fund and support various projects, but it also gave them a chance to tweak existing laws that are meant to implement the budget, including the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis […]

Legislative Limbo for Expired Temporary Licensees

California policymakers have several time-sensitive decisions on their plate regarding the cannabis industry. Surviving state license backlogs, navigating tax burdens, and reducing barriers to local licensure are just a handful of the biggest concerns facing cannabusinesses, and as we reach the halfway point for the 2019 legislative session, bills addressing these issues will live or […]

California’s Regulatory Problems Are Far From Temporary

California is experiencing some serious growing pains. Business owners and cannabis supporters are still battling against local jurisdictions to have them open their doors for cannabis regulations; some locals are suing the state for allowing delivery regardless of their current rules on cannabis; social equity programs are seriously struggling to get off the ground; elected […]

The Cannabis Advisory Committee: Going from Puppeteering to Action

California’s Cannabis Advisory Committee (CAC) was scheduled to meet on March 27 for its first meeting of 2019. But now that the regulations are finalized, what’s left for the CAC to do? Officially formed in October 2017 as a result of statutory mandate, the CAC is tasked with advising the three cannabis licensing authorities “on […]

Take Two for California Cannabis Legislation

The ink on California’s state cannabis regulations is barely dry, yet legislators have already introduced nearly 20 bills that could impact the rules governing the industry. Some of the bills are reincarnations of those that were vetoed or killed through the legislative process last year. Take, for example, SB 34 by Senator Wiener (D-San Francisco) […]

New Year, New Rules: Final State Regulations Approved

It’s been a long time coming, but California’s final regulations for the cannabis industry are here. And for once, there aren’t any surprises. We saw the results of the last round of rulemaking in December, and the only thing standing between cannabis businesses and the sanity of their compliance teams was final approval of the […]

2018 Takeaways: Regulated Market Gains Traction but Hurdles Remain

We’re reaching the end of the California cannabis industry’s first year operating in a newly regulated market. Businesses have seen the state’s licensing authorities flip flop on key regulatory issues, costing them an arm and a leg to maintain compliance. Cities and counties that haven’t banned commercial cannabis operations outright are taking their sweet time […]

Sweet Relief: New Laws Provide Respite with Provisional Licenses

While Jerry Brown has not been the biggest proponent of cannabis during his time in the Horseshoe of Sacramento, he has proven this year that he generally respects the voters’ decision to legalize adult use cannabis in California. Marking the end of the 2018-19 legislative session and his final term as Governor of California, Brown […]

Crackdowns in California: Scare Tactic or Simply Scary?

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) is cracking down heavily on illegal businesses, or so it wants you to think. As California entered its ninth month of operating in the regulated cannabis market, the BCC widely announced two enforcement actions on unlicensed businesses in the state, one against a Costa Mesa dispensary and the other […]