California Flexes on Illicit Cannabis Activities, Will it Make an Impact?

As California struggles with the woes of the illicit cannabis market – we’ve all come to realize – with regulation – comes great responsibility! To address the ongoing threat to the legitimacy of the regulated cannabis market, both the public and private sectors are on the attack. California Targets Unlicensed Operators and Weedmaps  It has […]

Navigating the BCC’s “Change of Ownership” Rules

In The Art of Selling a Cannabis Business, we covered how to address some of the hurdles involved in selling a cannabis business.  Arguably the single most important hurdle is complying with “change of ownership” rules.  Indeed, navigating the convoluted “change of ownership” rules under the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) can make or break a deal. […]

Another Era of Licensing – CBD and Hemp Applications are Now Available

The U.S. imports about $800 million worth of hemp to be used for its fiber, seed, and oil. Other countries are already using industrial hemp to make a variety of products, including insulation, energy-efficient construction materials, durable fabrics, plaster, plastic, and flooring. Among the biggest foreign growers are Canada and China. With California eager to be […]

When the FDA Met CBD: What Comes Next?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is common, especially on the West Coast.  CBD is also an ingredient in Epidiolex, the one Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmaceutical containing CBD on the market in the United States.  The FDA has long maintained that CBD is legal only in an Epidiolex-type scenario, meaning a pharmaceutical drug available only […]

The Art of Selling a Cannabis Business: Top 3 Tips on How to Prepare

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Benjamin Franklin Selling a licensed cannabis business is by no means a simple feat – it’s a science and an art.  Due to the industry’s legal and regulatory baggage, the process of selling a cannabis business can be difficult and challenging, so preparation is critical. If […]

Cannabis Leases: Top 10 Things to Consider

There’s no such thing as a “basic” cannabis contract — and commercial cannabis leases are no exception.  Unlike with standard commercial leases, cannabis landlords and tenants must navigate the inconsistencies (indeed, outright conflict) between federal and state law, the complexities of state and local laws and regulations, and unpredictable licensing timelines. With that said, here […]

The Legalities of Interstate Transportation of Hemp

Legalizing hemp is one thing, regulating the hemp industry is another. The 2018 Farm Bill explicitly legalized hemp production in the U.S., but transporting it across state lines is still questionable.  In fact, the Farm Bill makes it clear that regulations for the hemp industry must be determined first before the movement of hemp can […]

Are Delivery “Pop Up Shops” Legal?

In case you missed it, Barneys New York made headlines this past February when it announced that it was opening its very own cannabis pop-up shop at its Beverly Hills flagship location; making it the first major retailer to introduce a whole section devoted to cannabis lifestyle and wellness. Dubbed “The High End,” the head […]

CBD – Somehow Everywhere, Even Walgreens

CBD, or cannabidiol, is somehow everywhere.  You can now find it in patches and creams at Walgreens or CVS.  You can get it in coffee and even doughnuts, at least in Portland, Oregon.  So, that means CBD is completely legal, right, at least if it is derived from hemp, right?  No, not exactly. As discussed […]