CA Cannabis Business’ Guide to CEQA Compliance

Cannabis crop being harvested

Cannabis companies in California need evidence of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance to operate legally. This law ensures that every project that attempts to work within the state adheres to proper environmental standards and that its operations would have no potential adverse effects on the environment. CEQA compliance requires your cannabis business prove that […]

9 Key Takeaways From LA’s Newest Ordinance Amendments

On June 22, 2021, Los Angeles City Council adopted an ordinance replete with substantive amendments to the City’s Cannabis Procedures Ordinance. Assuming that the Mayor signs this into law, there are several new rules for LA you should know about. The Ordinance Amendments are quite comprehensive and aim to refine sections of the ordinance, provide […]

Meital Manzuri’s Article “Legal Consequences for Using or Acting as an Unregistered Broker-Dealer in the Cannabis Industry” published in California Lawyers Association’s Real Property Journal

This article discusses the rise of unregistered broker-dealers in the cannabis industry. The focus of this article is defining what are broker-dealers and the potential legal consequences for both the cannabis businesses who engage unregistered broker-dealers and the unregistered broker-dealers themselves. Read the article in the Real Property Journal Vol. 38 #4 (subscription required), or view […]

2020 Highs & Lows and What They Mean for Hemp and Cannabis in 2021

In January, we predicted 2020 would be a battle for survival amongst cannabis licensees and an exciting landscape for hemp businesses, but not even we could have predicted the economic, socially-distanced experiment to come. Despite the industry’s infancy, cannabis businesses were deemed essential amidst a global pandemic and rectifying the injustices caused by the War on Drugs […]

Cannabis Business Partnerships: Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Contributing Author: Tyler Hastings, Esq. We are receiving more and more calls from individuals who are not getting along with their business partners, want to legally separate from them, and want our help in doing so.  Generally, unless a buyout provision is included in the corporate paperwork, a forced separation from a partner or investor can […]

You Asked, We Answered: The New LA Ordinance Live Q&A Session

Our live Q&A on August 13th was a hit! We covered a variety of topics on how the new LA Ordinance and Fee Schedule affect every L.A. operator, from Temporary Approvals and proposed locations to relocations, ownership transfers, and Social Equity Tiers. Don’t worry if you missed the live session! Questions & Answers from the session can […]

In With SB837 and Out With Vertical Integration

The vertical integration model that LA MMJ businesses follow has been redefined by SB837. Read on to find out what this means and how it could affect the cannabis industry going forward. Definition: Vertical integration is when a business does not get its products from a wholesaler or distributor but sells what it produces. In […]

DCR Recommends Various Changes to LAMC to Address Holes in Current Ordinance

Last week DCR recommended the substantive changes to the ordinance which were accepted by City Council and the proposed ordinance (actual text to become law) was published Friday. City Council will be voting on this Tuesday June 30, 2020. A pathway for temporary approval has finally been created for Phase 3 Round 1 Invoiced Applicants and an […]

LA Phase 3 Update: Manzuri Law’s Response to DCR Recommendations to Council

Yesterday, our office sent a letter to the City of Los Angeles describing the further delay and undue harm invoiced Phase 3 Round 1 Applicants would suffer from if the DCR’s Recommendations are adopted and implemented as suggested.  We have recommended the following:  The DCR Recommendations  Should ONLY be Applicable to Round 2;  DCR Should Issue Local Authorization Immediately to Round […]

LA Update – Lawsuit, Audit Results, DCR Recommendations, What Now?

The highly anticipated results of the controversial Phase III, Round 1 Audit were released to the public and auditors reportedly found the process “fair and unbiased”.  Thereafter, on or around March 27, 2020, the City Administrative Officer (“CAO”) recommended that the DCR be instructed to “complete the processing of Phase III Round 1 license applications […]