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Manzuri Law has been an industry leader for over a decade and is at the forefront of cannabis and hemp business law.

Our team of practitioners has developed an entire integrated suite of legal services for businesses and individuals operating in them cannabis & hemp space to help launch corporate ventures, procure licenses, and comply with ever-changing regulations and policies. Providing integral legal support for the ongoing success of our hemp and cannabis industry clients, our team of fierce attorneys and specialists operates in the following core practice areas: Contract Negotiation, Corporate and Transactional Law, Cannabis & Hemp Licensing and Regulatory Compliance, Cannabis Criminal Defense, and Cannabis ADR and Litigation.

Our firm has been heralded as one of the nation’s first law firms to specialize only in cannabis law. Having blazed a trail and been first to market provides our clients access to proprietary experience that leads to successful outcomes. We also provide our clients with a deep network they can access to push forth their objectives. Further, growing with an industry from inception to the present, we understand the nuances of local, state and federal laws, and can advise on how to leverage each into various protections. Whereas other firms spend unnecessary time researching, or “getting up to speed,” our unique knowledge translates into cost-effective legal counsel.

Even a cursory internet search of our firm will display the various accolades Manzuri Law attorneys have received over the past decade. From making the list of the “30 Powerful Cannabis Attorneys You Should Know” to being on Executive Boards of the industry’s top trade organizations, we’ve been recognized by other industry leaders for our prowess in the field.

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Practice Areas

Any business will have challenges throughout its lifecycle. Operating in the heavily regulated cannabis space brings additional, often unexpected challenges that marijuana business owners will have to mitigate in order to stay successful. Regulatory agencies will question the procurement and validity of licenses and dissect your operations to make sure you are doing everything to the letter of the law. Learn More

Disputes can arise at nearly every stage of a company’s growth. As cannabusinesses continue to grow, they need a law firm that can handle complex matters as they unfold.

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In cannabis law, Government and Policy issues are complex and dynamic. There is great disparity across the municipalities and amongst state agencies in California in laws, rules, regulations and policies which all have widespread impact on cannabis businesses and operators. Learn More

As in any industry, your intellectual property can set you up for success and set you apart from your competitors. IP can be the difference between a company thriving or dying.

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As the cannabis industry grows, so will the number of unique opportunities to merge with or acquire complementary or like businesses.

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In most California jurisdictions, securing real estate is the first barrier to entry into the legal cannabis market. While cannabis property deals may be more lucrative than other industrial transactions, they are also more complicated.

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The cannabis industry is rife with inherent risks. Risk mitigation involves a discussion of those risks and implementing a plan to avoid potential problems associated with those risks.

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There is nothing more jarring than being accused of a crime, especially when the facts don’t add up. Immediately calling competent counsel can be the difference between a minor infraction and serious consequences.

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How to structure a cannabis enterprise, regardless of business function, is initially the most important decision to make before coming to market.

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The complex federal regulatory framework for hemp licensing creates much confusion for operators and can be risky and difficult to navigate.

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Heavy state and local oversight will continue to yield various violations in the still developing cannabis industry. For instance, the transition from temporary to permanent licenses has led to administrative challenges and both incorrect and correct accusations and penalties.

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Having blazed a trail in the cannabis space, Manzuri Law attorneys are able to draw on experience from the earliest days of the cannabis industry to address and mitigate crossover issues with psychedelics, from taking advantage of market opportunities associated with government-approved psychedelic drugs to advising investors on local decriminalization efforts. 

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Cannabis is a strictly regulated business with inherent and novel risks. From business formation and strategy to licensure and regulatory compliance, operating a cannabis business can be very complicated, especially in the face of conflicting federal, state and local legalities.

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The cannabis industry is maturing to a point where it is no longer taboo for VCs to pump seed money into cannabis companies. The number and value of deals are growing at an exponential rate. Learn More


Leading a profound team of cannabis attorneys and compliance specialists, Meital has been trailblazing cannabis related legal issues since before she founded the firm in 2010. Meital’s commitment to aggressive advocacy of each client’s interests and excellence in results has established Manzuri Law as a pillar for legal resources and one of the most reputable firms in the cannabis industry.