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Expert advice to assist with industry-specific legal challenges

Entering the legal cannabis or hemp markets in California comes with substantial challenges, which starts with finding and securing the suitable real estate necessary to launch or maintain an associated business.

While cannabis and hemp property deals may be more lucrative than other industrial transactions, proper zoning, customer and patient access, and community and local support are critical to selecting an appropriate site.

This is especially true because  state and municipal approvals of the licensing application process for medical and/or adult-use cannabis businesses exist in separate layers. While state agencies often have authority over initial land-use regulations, municipalities typically  have autonomy to make crucial  real estate, land use, and zoning decisions for applicants.

That means that unlike standard commercial leaseholders, cannabis and hemp landlords and tenants must navigate the inconsistencies (indeed, outright conflicts) between federal and state law, the complexities of state and local laws and regulations, and unpredictable licensing timelines.

These matters can greatly influence how and where you set up your cannabis business as well as impact the ongoing, day-to-day operations.

At Manzuri Law, our experienced California cannabis attorneys can provide upfront advice and insight to assist with real estate, land use, and zoning issues, assistance with permit applications, and representation if you face a dispute or other legal issue regarding these matters.

Manzuri Law California Cannabis Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning Advice Attorneys

Manzuri Law represents real estate investors, landowners, and cannabis and hemp licensees and applicants in complex real estate transactions, acquisitions, and leases of real estate for licensing purposes and advises on cannabis-related zoning and land use issues.

Our leading cannabis law attorneys can help ensure that the decisions made are in your best interests in the following areas:

  •         Appeals Against Adverse Land-Use Decisions
  •         Cannabis-Specific Lease Provisions
  •         Disputes Over Easements and Neighbor Relations
  •         Due Diligence On Property Feasibility
  •         Environmental Concerns
  •         Land Use Planning, Applications, and Compliance
  •         Lease Negotiations
  •         Obtaining Special Permits
  •         Property Purchases for Cannabis Licensing Applications
  •         Site Plan Applications
  •         Tenancy Disputes
  •         Title and Deed Review
  •         Water and Power Availability/Suitability

The attorneys at Manzuri Law have an in-depth understanding of the importance of defining permitted use, excluding the federal CSA requirements, addressing asset forfeiture issues, defining hazardous materials, and affording landlords and tenants alike the ability to terminate leases in particular cannabis-specific situations.

Once real estate is acquired, cannabis and hemp licensees often need specialized help with the local Department of Water & Power (DWP), which includes specific issues related to power usage, wattage, and meter transfers. Through years of working with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, we have cultivated invaluable relationships that aid clients in solving the utility issues that cannabis operators face.

If you are entering into a cannabis or hemp lease, whether as a tenant or a landlord, contact Manzuri Law to set up a consultation for expert advice.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

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