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Cannabis Criminal Defense Attorney in California

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California Cannabis and Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

Over a million drug arrests are made each year in the United States. Many involve unlawful arrests, searches, and seizures and are motivated by racial bias. At Manzuri Law, our cannabis and drug crime defense lawyers believe someone must stand up and protect the rights of the accused.

In California, drug-related crimes are charged based on the California Health and Safety Code. Even though these crimes are not charged based on the penal code, California’s mandatory sentencing laws can lead to harsh prison sentences. 

We are compelled to condemn the injustices our clients face personally and corporately, by providing specialized legal defense strategies that make a difference in their lives and their businesses.

Meet Our California Cannabis and Drug Crime Legal Defense Team

Manzuri Law California defense lawyers represent clients facing a multitude of cannabis, drug, and narcotics charges, using years of experience fighting everything from large-scale drug trafficking to simple possession of a controlled substance.

Meital Manzuri has defended some of the biggest federal and state medical marijuana cases to date, orchestrating the successful return of several pounds of medical cannabis to patients, obtaining the dismissal of countless cases, and spearheading complicated collective defenses leading to acquittals.

At Manzuri Law, we aggressively litigate each criminal case, defending clients against both California and federal charges. Our track record in persuading government agencies, judges, and juries alike is enviable. With substantial experience handling search and seizure issues, we have consistently succeeded in suppressing unlawfully obtained evidence.

We are invested in providing our clients with the best defense possible, obtaining a lesser included charge and reducing fines, fees, and jail time.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Cannabis Businesses in California

While recreational and medical marijuana may be legal in California, businesses involved in the cultivation and sale of cannabis products are still subjected to a significant amount of risk.

When California cannabis businesses fail to comply with local, state, or federal industry regulations — either knowingly or unintentionally — they can face more than a total loss of their operating licenses and investments, but criminal prosecution.

We can help proactively protect your California cannabis business and respond to any industry-related oversights or criminal charges that arise, so you can focus on business operations instead of case law. 

Contact Our Experienced Cannabis and Drug Crime Defense Attorneys in California Today

Our leading California cannabis and drug crime defense attorneys are playing a vital role in working with local, state, and federal institutions on a journey toward legal equality that is long overdue.

If you have been arrested for a state or federal drug crime in California, the antiquated laws and underlying social inequities that will guide your case from arrest to trial can jeopardize your very freedom. We are here to help.

Contact our California cannabis and drug crime defense attorneys today at (310) 912-2960 or online to discuss the important details of your case and get the specialized legal help you need to pursue the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our California Cannabis & Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Can I Still Be Charged with Possession of Marijuana in California?

According to California Health & Safety Code §11357, adults over the age of 21 may possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana or not more than eight (8) grams of concentrated cannabis for personal use. Possession of marijuana by anyone under 21 is an infraction, punishable by drug counseling and community service (defendants under 18); fine of up to $100 (defendants 18 and over). Possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana or more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis, by anyone 18 or older is a misdemeanor, punishable up to 6 months in county jail; up to $500 fine. Possession of marijuana or concentrated cannabis on the grounds of any K-12 school while school is in session by anyone 18 or older is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to $250 fine for a first offense.

Can I Be Arrested for Selling Marijuana in California?

It is still a crime to sell marijuana — or to possess it with the intent to sell — in California without both a state and local license.

What Factors Influence the Severity of California Drug Crime Charges?

Like other states, in California, the severity of the criminal charges that will apply to drug crime cases will be dictated by the type of drug, the amount — which can range widely from possession, distribution, and trafficking — the accused’s criminal history, the location of the crime, and the Prosecution’s jurisdiction. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in California, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers right away to ensure your rights are protected from the start.

Will My California Drug Crimes Case Be Dismissed if the Charges Stem From an Illegal Search?

When law enforcement officers search private property, they must follow the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects a suspect’s right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. If the search were illegal, any evidence gained could be deemed inadmissible. However, if the prosecutor has additional, legally obtained evidence to use in the case, it may not result in outright dismissal. If you believe your rights have been violated in any way during an investigation, search, or arrest, contact our skilled drug crime defense attorneys in California for help today. 

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Cannabis Crimes

It is legal for anyone 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis, 6 plants and 4 grams of concentrate.

Any person in unlawful possession of cannabis over these amounts can be charged with a variety of violations of Health & Safety Code including § 11357 (possession), § 11358 (cultivation), § 11359 (possession with intent to sell), and § 11360 (transportation or offer to sell). These can be charged as infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies with punishment of up to three years in prison.

Under Proposition 64, it is still a crime to do any of the following:

  • Operate a cannabis business without a license
  • Possess more cannabis than the legal limits above
  • Grow more cannabis than the legal limits above
  • Consume cannabis in public (similar to alcohol)
  • Consume cannabis while driving
  • Drive with an open container of cannabis
  • Drive while impaired
  • Give cannabis to minors (under 21)
  • Possess cannabis as a minor for recreational use (under 21)

As pioneers of California’s cannabis laws, the attorneys of Manzuri Law have defended thousands of clients who were charged and accused of cannabis crimes in both Federal and State court. Due to their expertise, Manzuri Law attorneys have the highest success rates in the state for acquittals, plea agreements, and dismissals in cannabis cases. Book a consultation today to discuss your case.

Legal Defenses

Under California law, you are entitled to a defense in court. Depending on the charges, this defense can include lawful possession, a medical defense, mistakes of fact, or mistake of law.

Sometimes, a defense is not about the crime but law enforcement procedure. A procedural defense can include lack of probable cause, search and seizure issues or insufficient evidence.

Often, officers cut corners in their initial investigation to get to what they are looking for. Manzuri Law takes an in-depth look at all the places that narcotics officers could and would violate rights. Our experts will identify where officers erred in their procedures and often get the evidence suppressed and the case dismissed.