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At Manzuri Law, our California cannabis and hemp attorneys understand the inherent risks associated with the industry. Since 2010, we have provided risk management and best practices implementation for hundreds of cannabis companies ranging from cultivators and manufacturers to distributors and retailers.

Risk mitigation involves discussing the industry’s specific hazards and implementing a plan to avoid potential problems that may arise associated with them. It is important to align with counsel that has seen nearly anything and everything that can go wrong in the California cannabis industry. We will be sure to leverage the firm’s experience to ensure your game plan accounts for all potential issues.

Important Insurance Coverages for Cannabis Industry Risk Mitigation

Risk prevention is always the best approach and having the foresight to predict what could happen can position your business to avoid pitfalls. Partnering with a firm steeped in the California cannabis industry and experienced in cannabis and hemp laws will help inform the strategies you implement against potential risks and threats, including bad partnerships, compliance issues, and the inability to adapt to ever-changing laws.

A crucial part of any risk mitigation strategy program is having appropriate insurance policies, including but not limited to business interruption, product liability, and directors and officers coverage.. Proper insurance protection can be the difference between immediately squashing frivolous actions and having to defend yourself in risky litigation.

Niche coverage may also  be necessary for cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers. 

It is important to have the right team combined of both counsel and an experienced accountant, who can draw upon years of experience to formulate a workable risk mitigation strategy and provide ongoing counsel to navigate any risks that might appear. That is why we are here.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

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With our thorough knowledge of case law, and regulatory and legislative policy changes, our experienced cannabis license attorneys protect the businesses our clients have worked so hard to build, maintain, and grow.

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