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In cannabis, hemp, and CBD business law, Government and Policy issues are both complex and dynamic.

There are significant disparities in laws, rules, regulations, and policies across California municipalities and amongst the various California state agencies. This patchwork of regulations has a widespread impact on cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses and operators in the state.

It is crucial that an owner of a cannabis, hemp or CBD business have strong relationships with local and state officials to ensure that the regulating bodies involved are informed of the business’s interests, issues, and concerns.

Even when California cannabis business owners do their due diligence, government regulation and law are typically always a few steps behind actual operations. Manzuri Law can help get your business strategy and goals aligned with government policies as more than just your attorney, but an advocate for the success of the industry.

Manzuri Law Has Built and Maintains Long-Standing Involvement with California Cannabis & Hemp Law and Advocacy

Manzuri Law has been heralded as one of the nation’s first law firms to solely specialize in California cannabis law. To date, we have procured or maintained over 200 local and state licenses for our clients, removing the extreme difficulty in business strategy and compliance that creates inefficiency and delays in operations.

The more partnerships we create, and the more we know about the industry’s ever-changing policies, the less resistance our clients feel from the cannabis regulatory giants.

Our long-standing involvement with cannabis and hemp law and advocacy allows Manzuri Law’s Government and Policy practitioners to bring over a decade of experience to the table when establishing and maintaining relationships with officials in different municipalities throughout California.

To help secure our clients’ cannabis business futures, we have also established our law firm as devoted industry advocates who work side-by-side with policymakers to produce results within all relevant administrative agencies, including the Department of Cannabis Control, Department of Public Health, California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, to name a few.

We simultaneously work alongside our clients to convey to the relevant governing bodies the consequences of a particular course of action in clear, concise, and understandable terms.  Our cannabis lawyers can help clients advocate for favorable solutions with legislative, administrative, and regulatory decision-makers.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

Our Expert Cannabis Industry Attorneys in California Influence Policy Changes

At Manzuri Law, our California cannabis attorneys do not stand idly by awaiting our clients’ next moves. 

We proactively participate in the legislation and policies that affect our industry — and our clients’ livelihoods — by regularly commenting and submitting public comment letters on new regulations, motions, and pending policy changes affecting cannabis operators along the supply chain.

Manzuri Law has been successful in influencing policy changes with local governments throughout California and State licensing agencies for complex issues, including:

  • Representation of trade organizations to enact comprehensive policy reform and a licensing framework in the City of Los Angeles with Proposition M and its progeny.
  • Disputing unconstitutional fees proposed by DCR for Phase 2 Businesses.

We are single-handedly responsible for the withdrawal of the requirement of technical assistance fees (hundreds of thousands of dollars saved per client), and eliminating the practical delays in inspections, and due dates for fees.

  • Policy reform with CalCannabis and other state agencies regarding the expiration of temporary licenses.
  • Amendments to proposed rulemaking implemented in the final version of Emergency Regulation
  • Temporary Approval for Phase 3 Round 1.
  • Social Equity Program Policy Reform. 
  • Limited Immunity for Non-Retailers.
  • Substantial compliance standard for Prop M Priority Processing.
  • CEQA Qualifications and Issues.
  • Public Convenience and Necessity Standards and Rules for Review.

At Manzuri Law, we are fighting for more than just our clients. We are fighting for justice in an industry that is wrought with ever-changing government and policy changes, so our clients and our law firm can stay ahead of all local, state, and federal legislation that impacts cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses across California.  

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