Cannabis and Hemp Dispute Resolution Attorneys in California

Effective advocacy and negotiation you can rely on

Since 2010, Manzuri Law’s California cannabis, CBD, and hemp attorneys have assisted hundreds of businesses in traversing the complex, highly regulated areas of cannabis-specific mediation, arbitration, and audits.

No matter the type of cannabis or hemp license held, legal challenges may stem from partnership disputes, contract breaches, and licensing disputes that must be addressed quickly to avoid further business interruption.

Whichever side of the argument you may be on, our dedicated California cannabis law firm will deliver customized legal solutions that will produce results, utilizing forward-thinking dispute resolution tactics and expertise unmatched in this industry. 

California Cannabis & Hemp Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Business disputes may arise at nearly every stage of a company’s life cycle. In the initial growth period, it is crucial for cannabis and hemp businesses to retain a cogent law firm that can handle complex matters in real time.

Manzuri Law helps domestic and international clients resolve their business and legal disputes through a mix of mediation and arbitration, keeping the conversation private and outside of the courtroom. Our lawyers have the knowledge, skill and tenacity that empowers them to understand the jurisdictional complexities that are unique to cannabis and hemp and handle some of the most complex cannabis cases. 

Manzuri Law attorneys can help clients with a breadth of dispute issues, including:

  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Audits and Claims by Administrative Agencies
  • Business Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Licensing Disputes
  • Commercial Liability
  • Contract Breaches
  • Data Privacy and Cyber Security
  • Disputes Over Sales, Profits, and Losses
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Management Agreement Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Supplier, Vendor, and Other Third-Party Disputes

Our experienced cannabis legal advocates help businesses navigate complex disputes by:

  • Efficiently Managing Time and Cost During the Discovery Process
  • Choice of Law Analysis
  • Selecting an Experienced Mediator or Arbitrator
  • Enforcing Arbitration Clauses

Manzuri Law’s cannabis industry attorneys know when alternative dispute resolution is most likely to be successful and we capitalize on our decades of combined experience to produce for our clients, both real-time legal protection and long-term business solutions. Manzuri Law attorneys have deep experience with mediation and arbitration and are well versed in all major arbitration rules, including JAMS, AAA/ICDR, CPR, and various local institutions.

Regardless of the legal challenges you or your company may currently face, you can depend on Manzuri Law’s experienced cannabis and hemp dispute resolution lawyers to meet those challenges and protect your business.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

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With our thorough knowledge of case law, and regulatory and legislative policy changes, our experienced cannabis attorneys protect the businesses our clients have worked so hard to build.

Contact one of our California cannabis law firm specialists today by phone at (310) 912-2960 or online to ensure your operations and complete business interests are protected inside and outside the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our California Cannabis & Hemp Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Can I Legally Pursue a Cannabis Business Partner for Restricting Access to Company Records?

By law, California cannabis business partners and shareholders have the right to inspect the company’s bylaws, accounting books, records, minutes, and financial statements. Restricting access to company records often results in partnership and shareholder disputes that can typically be resolved during mediation.

Should I Partner with a Cannabis Lawyer If I Am Being Audited by the Department of Cannabis Control?

All cannabis and hemp licensees and applicants are subject to random inspection, investigation, or audit of their licensed premises and records by the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). These audits are conducted to determine compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

If you have been notified of an impending audit, be sure to contact our experienced attorneys right away to ensure your rights are protected from the start of their investigation. Retaining a knowledgeable attorney will allow you to understand the impetus for the audit and will provide the legal knowledge and resources you need to respond appropriately.

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