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Since 2010, our California cannabis mergers and acquisition lawyers at Manzuri Law have surpassed $100 million in transactional value for our clients.

As the cannabis and hemp industries grow, so will the number of unique opportunities to merge with or acquire complementary or like businesses. Mergers can take an existing business to a level of increased capability, allow an enterprise to offer new goods or services, or assist in gaining market share.

Whether you are new to the cannabis market or an existing cannabis business looking to expand, ancillary businesses are often intriguing acquisition targets. Acquisitions or dispositions of significant assets can either augment or wind down operations, and, in either case, it is essential to formulate transactions in your company’s best interest.

Regardless of the deal type, Manzuri Law’s skilled team of transactional cannabis and hemp lawyers in California have extensive experience with M&A transactions to help you every step of the way.

Full-Service Cannabis M&A Counsel in California

Business overtures happen daily in the cannabis and hemp spaces, and we encourage our clients to take a close look at all viable opportunities.

These opportunities could lead to tangible concrete deals or strategic partnerships.

At Manzuri Law, our California cannabis merger and acquisition lawyers provide the following legal services: 

  •         Collateralization Agreements
  •         Strategic Advising and Transaction Structuring
  •         Consultant Agreements
  •         Contribution Agreements
  •         Debt and Other Lending Agreements
  •         Due Diligence
  •         Investment Agreements
  •         Investment And Vesting Agreements
  •         Ownership Option Contracts
  •         Purchase and Sale Agreements
  •         Security Interest Agreements
  •         Transaction Structuring
  •         Vesting Agreements

As the California cannabis and hemp industry’s assets grow, expand, and change hands, mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales develop regularly, both seasoned industry leaders and new-to-market owners must understand the business implications, tax ramifications, issues of corporate governance, restructuring, and debt management involved in these important corporate transactions.

Our dedicated cannabis M&A attorneys will provide the skill, knowledge, and resources you need to secure your position confidently. For over a decade, Manzuri Law has championed commercial cannabis entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing business owners, venture capitalists, and outside investors just like you to succeed in a highly regulated industry that is constantly changing shape.

At Manzuri Law, Our Skilled Cannabis Attorneys and Specialists Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

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With our thorough knowledge of case law, and regulatory and legislative policy changes, our experienced California cannabis attorneys protect the businesses our clients have worked so hard to build, so they can reach their overall goals.

Contact one of our California cannabis M&A law firm specialists today by phone at (310) 912-2960 or online to ensure your operations and complete business interests are protected inside and outside the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our California Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyers

How to Prepare a Cannabis Business for Mergers and Acquisitions in California?

Properly structuring your cannabis business from the beginning, meticulous data tracking, compliance, meeting or exceeding safety protocols, and conducting internal audits will certainly help prepare your cannabis company for a merger or  acquisition (“M&A”). Whether you are buying or selling, our skilled California cannabis mergers and acquisitions attorneys can help. Since 2010, we have helped our clients close over $100 million in cannabis M&A transaction value.

How Long Does a California Cannabis Mergers & Acquisition Transaction Take?

No two M&A transactions are alike, so the timing will differ on a case-by-case basis. However, one of the most time-consuming aspects of California cannabis mergers and acquisitions is determining how the new owner will retain the existing licenses at the state and local level while they apply for their own or are requesting an ownership change. This process is only possible when at least one existing owner is staying on board — although the Department of Cannabis Control must be notified and approve the change.

This ownership change can take a while — often a year or more — since licensing involves overcoming hurdles at the local level as well as the state level. It is crucial to talk with experienced California cannabis legal counsel about the particulars of the license and location early on in the process to best structure the terms of the agreement while also complying with all state and local requirements.

How to Navigate Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions Deals

The regulatory complexity of the cannabis industry, especially in California, has created a unique set of circumstances for would-be buyers and sellers. That coupled with the fast pace of cannabis dealings, means the due diligence process is more challenging than most industries. For example, Buyers should and often do require extensive documentation and precise record keeping to move forward with the transaction. Accordingly, the buyer conducts a weeks or months long, rigorous analysis of the potential licensee’s financial reports, liabilities, and assets. If review is satisfactory then the deal can close.  Not only is the due diligence process grueling, but also the post closing conditions usually required, such as the necessary ownership change approvals from the governmental agencies at the state and city level. Add to that the complexities of the standard representations and warranties in the purchase agreements, and you’re treading on thin ice. 

The best way to navigate mergers and acquisition deals is to speak with a skilled California cannabis law firm that can walk you through the process, leaving no detail unresolved. Contact Manzuri Law today to learn how we can help you buy or sell your cannabis company efficiently and effectively, so you can move forward with confidence.

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Business Mergers & Acquisitions

The motivations and circumstances surrounding California cannabis M&A deals are so diverse there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring their success. When a strong business case matches market realities and produces a cannabis M&A deal, the outcome is most likely to be favorable. Complying with every regulatory and compliance step to confirm that proposed deals align with the overall business strategy will help keep your plan on track. We can help, starting with a consultation today.

Expert Advice for Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions in California

Each deal structure comes with financial advantages or disadvantages, business continuity implications, and legal requirements. All of these factors must be considered and balanced during the negotiation process by speaking with an experienced California cannabis mergers and acquisitions attorney at Manzuri Law. We can provide you with the expert advice you need to make informed decisions about buying or selling your cannabis business interests. 

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