Cannabis M&A Transactions Attorneys in California

Frictionless solutions for commercial transactions

As the cannabis and hemp industries grow, so will the number of unique opportunities to merge with or acquire complementary or like businesses. Mergers can take an existing business to a level of increased capability, allow an enterprise to offer new goods or services, or assist in gaining market share. Acquisitions or dispositions of significant assets can either augment or wind down operations, and, in either case, it is essential to formulate transactions in your company’s best interest.

Business overtures happen daily in the cannabis and hemp spaces, and we encourage our clients to take a close look at all viable opportunities. These opportunities could lead to tangible concrete deals or strategic partnerships. Regardless of the deal type, Manzuri Law’s skilled team of transactional cannabis and hemp attorneys have significant experience with M&A transactions to help you every step of the way.

We call on the experience we have gained handling thousands of deals to inform our advice and counsel to clients embarking on new and exciting ventures.

We provide the following M&A services:

  • Transaction structuring
  • Strategic advice
  • Investment and vesting agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Contribution agreements
  • Ownership option contracts
  • Debt and other lending agreements
  • Security interest agreements
  • Collateralization agreements