Political Struggles in Sacramento Add to Industry’s Policy Challenges

By now, legislators have introduced most of the bills that they will try to pass through in 2020. The illicit market, lack of access, and financial concerns have come out as top concerns for the industry this year. While some legislators have started by pushing old bills forward, others are trying to implement more innovative […]

CDFA Makes an Example of Lowell: A Look Ahead at Enforcement in 2020

With the opening of Lowell Cafe (which has been recently redubbed the “Original Cannabis Cafe”), the first nationally-recognized cannabis consumption restaurant that opened in October 2019 in West Hollywood, Lowell’s position as one of the state’s biggest cannabis players seemed untouchable. However, similar to many of the bigger names in the industry, Lowell has recently […]

Newly Enacted Employment Laws Your Cannabis Business Needs to Follow

California Legislature and Governor Newsom were busy in 2019 passing many new laws directly affecting California employers and employees. Please remember, only summaries are provided herein and legal advice should be sought prior to enactment of any new employment policy. Independent Contractors Following the California Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in Dynamex Operations West v. Superior […]

Foresight in 2020: Employment Law Outlook for the Coming Year

In the countdown to the new year, it is important to evaluate your employment relationships and ensure compliance with the countless employment laws governing California businesses. Many of these laws are draconian in nature and non-compliance may lead to claims that are crippling to a company, even for the most minor of infractions. To compound […]

MedMen: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Lawsuit.

While the City of Los Angeles is receiving backlash for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Licensing processes, the City of West Hollywood (“WeHo”) is actively defending its own application and licensing procedures in court. On September 4, 2019, MedMen, by and through its subsidiary Farmacy Collective (“MedMen”), filed a Petition for Writ of Mandate (a […]

SAFE Banking: Crucial for Hemp Businesses to be Welcomed by Financial Institutions.

It’s no secret that the conflict between state and federal law has created banking issues for hundreds of state-licensed and regulated marijuana businesses.  Cue the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 – This bill, better known as the SAFE Banking Act, was passed by the House of Representatives on September 25, 2019 with […]

Hemp and CBD: A New Definition of Industrial Hemp and Expansion of Farmland

While the legislative process continues to mold and direct cannabis regulation (you can read more about the Cannabis bills in Sacramento here), it is also worthwhile to take stock of which hemp and CBD regulatory measures are headed towards Newsom’s desk and which measures are being left behind. SB-527 – Expanding the Availability of Cannabis […]

Can You Save On Income Tax? (And Other Taxes Too!)

Written by Abraham Finberg CPA and Simon Menkes CPA As most people in the industry already know, due to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 280E, cannabis businesses may only reduce their income with cost of goods sold (the cost of the product) to lower gross profit and save on taxes.  Most tax planning involves legally increasing […]

Elizabeth Warren and Her Stance on Cannabis

As American citizens, it is our civic duty to educate ourselves and participate in our democracy. With 20+ Democratic presidential candidates, Manzuri Law knows firsthand just how difficult choosing a candidate is. We will be updating you as the race to 2020 continues in hopes of helping cannabis stakeholders and consumers alike make an informed […]

Tax Issues Surrounding Arm’s Length vs. Non-arm’s Length Transactions

Written By Simon Menkes CPA and Abraham Finberg CPA When we meet non-cannabis people at Hollywood parties and they find out the industry we serve, their reactions are pretty typical: “Do you get free weed?” and “Can you explain that 280E law? It’s so confusing!” While we just smile at the first question, those of […]