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Legal Weed

A Comprehensive Guide to California Cannabis Law & Regulation

A Manzuri Law Publication

With a focus on compliance and the latest recommendations for best business practices, Legal Weed is an invaluable resource for all those preparing for state licensing in California.
Meticulously researched and written in a fresh and relatable tone, Legal Weed provides the clearest, most complete, and practical information available on how to create and operate a compliant cannabis business in California. Written by the attorneys of Manzuri Law, respected legal experts in their field, this authoritative guide is based on years of time-tested criminal defense and cannabis business law experience.

“From walking readers through the history of cannabis legalization to giving tips on how to deal with law enforcement, the authors leave no stone unturned for the curious reader. This indispensable guide is your reliable, comprehensive resource on the evolving landscape of cannabis law in California.”