LA Update – What will 2021 licensing opportunities be in the biggest market in the world?

Los Angeles Update

The first Cannabis Commission hearing of 2021 was packed with information for LA operators and applicants. Here are the key takeaways from the Executive Director’s Report impacting all applicants: Across the board, cannabis businesses are being impacted by the Office of Finance’s COVID-19 safety procedures. In an effort to reduce some of the impact, DCR […]

CA Cannabis License Citations and Suspensions: Your Regulatory Rights When Facing Enforcement and Disciplinary Proceedings

CA Cannabis License Citations and Suspensions

Due to the cannabis industry’s developing nature, licensed California cannabis operators may find themselves in violation of constantly-changing rules and standards implemented by cannabis regulators, namely, the California Department of Cannabis Control, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the California Department of Public Health (collectively, the “Licensing Agencies”). From citations and fines to […]

State Agencies Enact Regulations to Improve Banking Access for Cannabis Industry

State Agencies Enact Regulations

On February 1, 2021, regulations set forth by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Department of Cannabis Control and Department of Public Health to implement Assembly Bill 1525 were approved by the California Office of Administrative Law and put into effect. The adopted regulations provide a mechanism for licensees to request that state licensing […]

Two Important Pieces of CA Legislation Explained: CDFA’s Appellations Program and BCC’s Rules for Denial of Licensure Based on Prior Convictions

Two Important Pieces of CA Legislation Explained

In response to their statutory mandates, California cannabis regulators have worked this year on draft regulations for the cannabis appellations program and implementation of AB 2138 (Chiu) regarding the rules for denial of licensure based on prior convictions. Under SB 67, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) must finalize their standards on the appellations of […]

Newsom Decides on 2020 Cannabis Bills

Newsom Decides on 2020 Cannabis Bills

Regardless of how tumultuous a year is, statutory deadlines remain the same, and thus we have reached the end of another legislative session. Governor Newsom delayed publishing decisions on most bills this year due to the wildfires throughout the state but has finally issued approvals or vetoes to all pending legislation. Most 2020 cannabis legislation […]

You Asked, We Answered: The New LA Ordinance Live Q&A Session

The New LA Ordinance

Our live Q&A on August 13th was a hit! We covered a variety of topics on how the new LA Ordinance and Fee Schedule affect every L.A. operator, from Temporary Approvals and proposed locations to relocations, ownership transfers, and Social Equity Tiers. Don’t worry if you missed the live session! Questions & Answers from the session can […]

DCR Recommends Various Changes to LAMC to Address Holes in Current Ordinance

Last week DCR recommended the substantive changes to the ordinance which were accepted by City Council and the proposed ordinance (actual text to become law) was published Friday. City Council will be voting on this Tuesday June 30, 2020. A pathway for temporary approval has finally been created for Phase 3 Round 1 Invoiced Applicants and an […]

LA Phase 3 Update: Manzuri Law’s Response to DCR Recommendations to Council

Yesterday, our office sent a letter to the City of Los Angeles describing the further delay and undue harm invoiced Phase 3 Round 1 Applicants would suffer from if the DCR’s Recommendations are adopted and implemented as suggested.  We have recommended the following:  The DCR Recommendations  Should ONLY be Applicable to Round 2;  DCR Should Issue Local Authorization Immediately to Round […]

LA Update – Lawsuit, Audit Results, DCR Recommendations, What Now?

The highly anticipated results of the controversial Phase III, Round 1 Audit were released to the public and auditors reportedly found the process “fair and unbiased”.  Thereafter, on or around March 27, 2020, the City Administrative Officer (“CAO”) recommended that the DCR be instructed to “complete the processing of Phase III Round 1 license applications […]