Meital Manzuri is an absolutely amazing attorney and more importantly, a sincere individual. In December 2010, the Pico Rivera Sheriff Department, Narcotics Division entered our premises without cause or reason. They confiscated plants, medicine and equipment designated for medical marijuana patients. Feeling violated and lost, we met with Meital with only hope that the felony cultivation charges would be dismissed. Meital’s dedication and determination was evident from the first day. She treated us with respect and empathized with our frustration over the incident. Any question or concern was immediately addressed. Her knowledge in the medical marijuana field led to an immediate temporary DA reject. The Pico Rivera Sheriff Department persistently attempted to file charges; each time sending a court summons. Four times Meital went to court and successfully achieved a temporary DA reject. Only six months later, her relentless fight has resulted in a permanent DA dismissal and the return of all the confiscated items. We are grateful for all that was done and STRONGLY recommend Metial Manzuri.

Thank you! We’ll keep you on speed dial!
– R. Parnell and J. Sanchez