Meital is my lawyer. Not only did she help me legally, but mentally as well in a DUI case with a suspended license in 2010. I needed her knowledgeable experience especially in unfamiliar legality issues such as a DUI, but in keeping my mind at ease with above and beyond helpful info and assistance, because i was looking at jail time due to the fact i had a suspended license at the time of my DUI. I ended up just paying the fines and DUI classes with NO jail time or CommServ. That was motivation to completely change my life around. I’m now 2 yrs sober, take life one day at a time, and send referrals to Meital that are in situations like I was, that need an exceptional lawyer that cares. My hat goes off to Meital, an honorable human-being, that will protect your sovereignty. Thank You Meital!

– Michael Palermo