May 22, 2014

How Does A Drunk Buzz Begin?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you think about whether or not you can drive home after the couple of drinks at the bar is the fact that it is rather hard to know exactly what your blood alcohol content may be. This is because alcohol metabolizes at different rates in every person based on a variety of factors. Ethanol, or grain alcohol, has been consumed throughout civilization, and valued for its intoxicating effects. The chemical structure of ethanol and its high solubility in water allow the alcohol to diffuse and absorb quickly through the tissue membranes of your body. The intoxicating effects of alcohol are felt rather rapidly for many individuals because ethanol will reach equilibrium in the body’s tissues at proportionate levels of the body’s water content, and blood holds more alcohol than tissue does. As many people realize, humans are composed largely of water, which makes overconsumption of alcohol dangerous in regards to determining how much alcohol will get an individual drunk.

We are all Individuals: Why Different People Experience Different Rates of Intoxication and Alcohol Absorption

This is relevant when discussing DUI because the amount or concentration of alcohol in a DUI suspect’s body directly correlates to the amount of water the suspected body contains. It is important to realize that the more water present in the body, the more alcohol consumed will become diluted while it absorbs into the system. While individuals can hydrate before going out drinking or drink plenty of water before thinking it is okay to get behind the wheel, the fact is the percentage of existing bodily water content varies between individuals. Another surprising fact for many individuals regarding how quickly alcohol absorbs and is detectable is that approximately five minutes after one drink is consumed, alcohol is initially detectable. Alcohol will reach maximum concentration within the body tissues between ½ hour and 1 ½ hour. This is crucial regarding whether or not an individual may legally be fit to drive after a drink or few, because absorption varies between individuals and one must be very careful not to drive with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit. In DUI cases, the rate of absorption is often accelerated when the individual has actually ingested large amounts of water, or food containing water. Surprisingly, people have the misconception that drinking a large amount of water after drinking will flush the system more quickly of alcohol. In reality, drinking water may help a hangover, but it will accelerate alcohol absorption in the tissues. Eating food can slow down absorption.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney Meital Manzuri Explains How This Effects a DUI Case

According to Los Angeles DUI attorney, Meital Manzuri, the rate of absorption of alcohol in a  DUI case varies amongst individuals, and this can be an issue if you are drinking with a friend. It is not true to believe that ingesting the same amount of alcohol as someone else means your alcohol levels in the blood and the speed at which the effects of alcohol are felt will be the same. Complete alcohol absorption occurs when the gastrointestinal tract reaches equilibrium with the rest of the body. The process of complete absorption can range among individuals; for some, it will occur 2 ½ hours after the alcohol was consumed, but it more commonly occurs within 30 to 90 minutes. It is important to keep in mind what you have eaten and drank before consuming alcohol, and to never sit behind the wheel if you feel even the slightest intoxicating effects from alcohol. A DUI is not worth the more convenient ride home, and it is always a better choice to find alternative methods to get home or to your next destination, rather than operate your own vehicle, if you have been drinking.

The information regarding alcohol metabolism in the body and its relation to a DUI conviction is brought to you by Los Angeles DUI attorney Metail Manzuri. Metal Manzuri received her law degree from the University of California, Hastings. She currently practices criminal defense, medical marijuana defense, and is a renowned Los Angeles DUI lawyer. Manzuri law offices are located in Beverly Hills, California.

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