How to Obtain a Cannabis Microbusiness License in California

Cannabis Microbusiness License

At Manzuri Law, our California attorneys have helped our clients procure or maintain over 200 local and state cannabis business licenses, including those who hold a microbusiness licenses in the state. To pursue and obtain a California microbusiness license, the licensee must engage in at least three of the following cannabis business activities: Cultivation – […]

Top Five Developments in Cannabis from 2022

2022 was another eventful, chaotic year for the cannabis industry, both in the state of California and in the greater United States of America. There were some big wins (New York legalized recreational use!) and some even bigger wins (President Biden requested the Federal Government evaluate Cannabis’ qualification as a Schedule I drug!). Despite the […]

President Biden Pardons Thousands Convicted of Marijuana Possession Under Federal Law

Marijuana Possession Under Federal Law

On October 6, 2022, President Biden issued a three-part plan to set in motion a reform of the current federal marijuana policy. This policy statement announced three important points: (1) a full and unconditional pardon for  approximately than 6,500  individuals who had been convicted of marijuana possession under federal law, (2) strong words of encouragement […]

California Cannabis Dispensary Zoning Laws

California cannabis dispensary zoning laws

At Manzuri Law, our California cannabis attorneys provide end-to-end legal services for industry professionals, including those who do business in the only consumer facing aspect of the supply chain: Retail Dispensaries. Cannabis or marijuana dispensaries include storefront retailers — where customers can visit and buy goods in person — and delivery-only operations, which have their […]

What Passing Measure C Means to the Future of Los Angeles County’s Cannabis Businesses

Los Angeles County’s Cannabis Businesses

At Manzuri Law, our California cannabis attorneys are monitoring Los Angeles County’s implementation of cannabis business licenses in unincorporated areas. On November 8, 2022, Los Angeles voters  approved Measure C, the cannabis business tax measure, allowing the County to tax upcoming cannabis businesses at the following rates commencing  July 2023: Retail: 4% of gross receipts. […]

California Department of Cannabis Control Delivery Regulations

Personal Injury Attorneys Myrtle Beach

Our California cannabis attorneys at Manzuri Law understand that as our industry evolves, so does the list of exciting business opportunities. Whether you are already involved in the cannabis industry or are researching potential new prospects, it is important to mention a business trend that is growing substantially throughout the region: non-storefront retail delivery. Under […]

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery or Retail Business in California

Cannabis Delivery or Retail Business

Our California cannabis attorneys at Manzuri Law help industry professionals apply for and maintain their storefront retail and delivery licenses, no matter where the applicant resides in the state of California. In just over a decade, we have assisted over 200 cannabis licensees in obtaining and maintaining their California cannabis licenses. We can do the […]

The Ban on Interstate Commerce and How It Impacts the Cannabis Industry

The Ban on Interstate Commerce

The United States Constitution’s Dormant Commerce Clause (DCC) essentially forbids states from enacting legislation that discriminates against goods or economic actors from another state. The DCC is supported by the economic theory, “free trade enlarges markets, allows more efficient production and specialization, and ensures consumers can access a wide array of products they value.” However, it […]

Regulating Psychedelic Mushrooms in the United States

Regulating Psychedelic Mushrooms

At Manzuri Law, our attorneys are keeping a sharp eye on California Senate Bill 519, which is currently drafted to not just legalize mushrooms but also ecstasy and other hallucinogenic drugs for people aged twenty-one and older. But we are not the only ones.   What seems to be ahead of SB 519’s movement is on […]

Meital Manzuri Recognized as 2022 Top Cannabis Lawyer by Los Angeles Daily Journal

Top Cannabis Lawyers

Manzuri Law is pleased to announce that our law firm founder and Managing Partner, Meital Manzuri, was recognized as a 2022 Top Cannabis Lawyer by the Los Angeles Daily Journal. The honorable award recognizes California attorneys who represent cannabis industry parties before regulatory agencies, and in state and federal trial and appellate proceedings. Meital was one […]