November 7, 2023

Cannabis Retail Opportunities

Is a commercial cannabis license on your New Years’ Resolution list? Several cities plan to open applications for new retail licenses throughout Southern California in 2024.

Entering the retail market is generally high pressure, as applicants must compete for a capped number of licenses. Having procured and maintained over 300 commercial cannabis licenses in California, Manzuri Law’s team of experienced cannabis attorneys is skilled at guiding clients through the complex and competitive retail license application process.

In 2024, new retail opportunities will be available in the following Southern California cities:

If you’re looking to enter one of these new retail markets, you should start planning immediately. The jurisdictions all have varying requirements and timelines for which applications must be submitted – some of which are very soon!

Once you determine your desired location, you will need to form a business entity, if you do not already have an existing one. Then, you will need to navigate zoning restrictions, which vary by city. Some localities have additional limitations, such as “undue concentration” regulations, which restrict the number of cannabis businesses that may operate in a given zoned area.

Consult with a California Cannabis Attorney

The retail license application process is competitive, and the requirements you must fulfill before that are complex. To ensure that you strategically set yourself up for success, it is critical to partner with a California attorney that is experienced in cannabis, real estate, land use, and zoning. Contact Manzuri Law today to learn more about how our team can set your business up for long term success.